Malleefowl Surveys in South Australia

In 2004, the Department for Environment and Heritage (DEH) initiated a project in the Murraylands Region to implement best practice monitoring of the existing network of malleefowl grids in the South Australian Murray Darling Basin (SAMDB). The intention was to adopt the monitoring system developed by the Victorian Malleefowl Recovery Group (VMRG). This system is now recognised as the national standard and has since been adopted throughout South Australia as part of the DEH commitment to the National Malleefowl Recovery Plan.

The Scientific Expedition Group has adopted two sites, one at Bakara Conservation Park and the other on Henry Short’s property (referred to as Short’s Heritage Agreement). SEG has been involved in these surveys since 2008.

Bakara Conservation Park is 1,022 hectares of land situated near Swan Reach and Mantung on the Loxton Swan Reach Road (32km east of Swan Reach). Shorts Heritage Agreement is adjacent to Bakara Conservation Park.

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Bakara Conservation Park

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